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"Our mission is to build long lasting relationships based on trust, providing exceptional services, fostering safe workplaces, and to exceed the goals set by our clients and ourselves in a timely and budgeted manner."


Seeing is believing.  With complete satisfaction as our goal, we guarantee that you'll love our results.  Click below to see a larger showcase of our projects.




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To ensure success of any project, there must be proper initial planning. At            S Construction, we work with our clients from the concept phase to the ribbon cutting. We work not just to achieve their goals, but to exceed their expectations.

  • Architect & Engineer Relationships- we have established, positive relationships with numerous architects and engineers with whom we have utilized in pre-construction and design-build projects.

  • Conceptual Estimates- our numerous past projects and years of experience allows us to give an accurate estimate of your vision

  • Budget Management- staying on or under budget throughout the construction process is one of our keys to success, while also creating long term relationships through repeat business

  • Scheduling- our knowledgeable team members are proficient at creating and maintaining a logical schedule

  • Collaboration- open, effective communication leads to more efficient time management and problem solving

  • Value Engineering- we scrutinize over materials, systems, and equipment to optimize cost savings while not sacrificing quality

  • Permitting- we handle all the procurement of permits in order to begin breaking ground as well as through the building process

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S Construction provides both the design phase and the construction phase of your project. Working with us throughout out the duration of your project not only allows us to maximize our efficiency, but save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

  • Architect & Engineer Recommendations- we recommend and create your optimal design team for your project through our longstanding architect/engineer relationships. These productive relationships allow for clear lines of communication which help the project run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Target Design Intent- our skilled team is capable of managing any building challenges that may arise in order to maintain the original vision of our clients

  • Time Efficiency- by utilizing               S Construction for both the design and construction phases, we are able to overlap both phases which significantly reduces the length of the project

  • Integration- we incorporate our team into every aspect of the design process to construction in order to maintain optimum productivity and remain on schedule

  • Minimization of Risk- we are the single point of responsibility of the project and its inherent risks

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We predicate our success by focusing on high quality engineering while maintaining a safe environment for all on site.

  • Professional Workmanship- our professionals have years of on-site experience, and have the wherewithal to negotiate any unforeseen obstacles

  • Project Supervision- we identify any construction issues that need to be resolved in a timely manner in order to stay on schedule

  • Safe Workplace Environment- the safety of our workers is of the upmost importance, and we adhere to strict guidelines to prevent accidents

  • Cost Efficiency- we make certain to stay under budget while still using the highest quality materials

  • Sub-Contractor Relationships- we have excellent, longstanding relationships with trustworthy sub-contractors

  • Maintaining and Updating Project Schedules- unanticipated challenges arise on the jobsite; be it weather, delivery of materials, or other things out of our control. We navigate these pitfalls with professionalism while deciding the best course of action to stay on schedule


Exterior and Interior Building Rehabilitations and Restorations- whatever the size or scope of your project, S Construction handles each venture with a dedication to quality work while staying on schedule and within budget.

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Retaining history is vital to the preservation of the past. S Construction follows all guidelines in the retention of a landmark’s authenticity and beauty, while making it serviceable and dependable for the future.



With quality, time and excellence always in mind, S Construction Company aims to provide optimal results within every phase of a project. From concept to post-construction, we are always seeking to surpass your expectations.

At S Construction, we provide services ranging from design-build, value engineering consulting and rehab and restoration. We pride ourselves in delivering every client’s project to their specific needs.  Whatever challenges may arise, we create solutions to ensure that every phase is completed on time and within budget.

We understand that the unexpected can occur, and we are prepared to face any issue and resolve it in a timely manner. From time to time, setbacks can occur due to weather, delivery of materials, or other issues outside of our control. We handle these issues professionally and ensure you love the results achieved.

With more and more strain being put on schedules and budgets due to today’s marketplace, we know it can be difficult to achieve the desired results for a budget. Our team is committed to ensuring each product is completed with accuracy, precision, and excellence. Each member of our team has years of on-site experience, and we are confident in our ability to meet the demands of any project, regardless of the size or scope.




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